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Youth Intermediate / Advanced - Competition Team Class

Youth Intermediate/Advance Competition Team Class at Lineage BJJ®: Where Young Martial Artist Become Champions

Elevate Young Talent to Elite Competitors: Lineage BJJ®'s Youth Program (Ages 5-13)

Embark on an extraordinary martial arts journey with Lineage BJJ®'s Youth Intermediate/Advanced - Competition Team Class. This elite program transforms young talents aged 5-13 into formidable competitors, ready to excel in the dynamic world of Jiu-Jitsu competitions.

A Gateway to Advanced Martial Arts Mastery

  • Selective Entry for Dedicated Aspirants: Admission to this prestigious class is a badge of honor, reserved for students who demonstrate exceptional skill and commitment in sports Jiu-Jitsu. It's a recognition of a young martial artist's potential and drive.

  • A Schedule Tailored for Champions: Classes convene every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 pm, providing a structured and intensive training regimen. This is where future champions converge to refine their craft, master sophisticated techniques, and imbibe the spirit of competition.

Guidance from Martial Arts Maestros

  • Expert-Led Mentorship: Under the tutelage of seasoned instructors, students blossom into versatile, tactically astute competitors. Our focus extends beyond technique refinement to encompass strategic planning and building the endurance crucial for martial arts success.

The Competitive Edge: Building Resilience and Mastery

  • Competition as a Crucible for Development: While competing is not mandatory, it is strongly encouraged. Competitions offer a platform to test skills, foster resilience, and pursue personal excellence, transcending the mere pursuit of victory.

The Lineage BJJ® Distinction

  • Beyond Training - A Community of Excellence: Our program's uniqueness lies in the nurturing community and sense of camaraderie that we foster. It’s about challenging limits, cultivating a competitive spirit, and redefining standards in martial arts education.

Embrace Exceptional Growth and Opportunity

  • Flexible Family Plans for Holistic Development: Lineage BJJ® provides comprehensive family plans, ensuring value and adaptability. Control your martial arts journey with our flexible membership options, designed to cater to the needs of aspiring young competitors and their families.

Ready to unleash your potential and rise among the ranks of young martial arts champions? Enroll now through our website, or visit Lineage BJJ® to join the Youth Intermediate/Advanced - Competition Team Class. Begin your thrilling journey towards martial arts excellence and competitive prowess with Lineage BJJ® – where young talent is transformed into elite competitors!