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Open Mat Training

Open Mat Training

Unlock Self-Directed Mastery at Lineage BJJ®'s Open Mat Sessions

Embark on a distinctive journey of self-led practice at Lineage BJJ®'s Open Mat sessions. These sessions diverge from the conventional class structure, granting you the freedom to customize your training and focus on areas that interest you most.

Tailor Your Jiu-Jitsu Experience

  • Personalized Training Space: The mats are yours to command. Whether you're drilling specific techniques, engaging in free rolls, or sparring with various partners, the Open Mat environment is the perfect playground to sharpen your skills and apply what you've learned in class.

  • Dynamic Skill Refinement: More than mere practice, Open Mat sessions are a live testing ground. Here, you’ll encounter diverse styles and challenges, promoting adaptability and strategic thinking – essential components for competition readiness.

Nurturing Personal and Community Growth

  • Beyond Physical Training: At Lineage BJJ®, Open Mat is more than a training session; it's a vibrant community hub. Here, bonds are strengthened, strategies are shared, and personal development is fostered in a supportive environment.

The True Essence of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

  • Balanced Learning Approach: These sessions reflect our philosophy of combining structured learning with the freedom of self-exploration. They are an integral part of a complete BJJ journey, nurturing a supportive and cohesive community.

Embrace the Freedom of Open Mat Training

  • Versatile Training Opportunities: Whether fine-tuning techniques, prepping for competitions, or simply enjoying the camaraderie of fellow BJJ enthusiasts, Open Mat sessions offer a valuable and enriching experience.

Guidelines for a Respectful and Safe Environment

  • Safety and Skill Criteria: For everyone's safety and to ensure a quality training experience, participants must be at least a 2-degree white belt or have explicit approval from our coaches. Beginners are encouraged to engage in drills and positional rolls, selecting training partners that match their comfort and skill level.

Welcoming Guests with Prior Coordination

  • Guest Participation: Guests are welcome to join Open Mat sessions with prior approval from our staff. This ensures a harmonious and safe training environment for all. Please reach out to us in advance to arrange your visit.

Our Commitment to Safety and Integrity

  • Community Trust: As our community includes law enforcement and individuals with high-clearance government roles, we maintain strict membership and guest policies. We respectfully decline access to those under criminal investigation, indicted, or with felony convictions, in order to safeguard the privacy and security of our members.

Join us at Lineage BJJ® for a transformative Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu experience where safety, respect, and community growth are paramount. Discover the freedom and fulfillment of self-guided martial arts training at our Open Mat sessions.

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