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Mat Munchkin's

Mat Munchkin's

"Mat Munchkins" at Lineage BJJ®: Nurturing Young Champions Ages 3-4

Embark on a delightful martial arts journey with "Mat Munchkins" at Lineage BJJ®, specifically designed for children aged 3-4. This program introduces the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in an engaging, safe, and nurturing environment, perfectly tailored for young learners.

Key Features of "Mat Munchkins":

  • Customized Instruction: Our experienced instructors use the Lineage BJJ® methodology to provide age-appropriate techniques in a fun and safe setting, ensuring a captivating experience for young minds.

  • Developmental Focus: The program goes beyond martial arts, emphasizing holistic development in coordination, discipline, and confidence through interactive games and educational activities.

  • Community and Belonging: "Mat Munchkins" fosters a sense of community, where every child feels valued and becomes an integral part of the Lineage BJJ® family.

Your Child's Martial Arts Adventure Begins Here:

  • Free Introductory Class: Discover the right fit for your child with a complimentary trial class. It’s an excellent opportunity to observe how we blend fun with learning in martial arts.

  • 10-Day Trial for Just $10: After the free class, we recommend a 10-day trial for $10. This trial is designed to ensure our program not only meets your child's needs but also fits seamlessly into your busy schedule as a parent.

  • Limited Enrollment: "Mat Munchkins" is a sought-after program, and we maintain small class sizes for personalized attention. Reserve your spot early to avoid disappointment.

Simple Steps to Enroll Your Child:

  • Schedule a Visit: Reach out to us to arrange a visit. Tour our facility, meet our staff, and witness a "Mat Munchkins" class to see if we align with what you’re looking for.

  • Join with Confidence: Once you’re ready, enrolling your child is straightforward. Begin their enriching journey in martial arts, where they'll learn, grow, and thrive.

Introduce your child to the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Lineage BJJ®. Contact us today to schedule your visit and secure a place in our "Mat Munchkins" program. Join us in nurturing young minds on their path to martial arts mastery.