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Little Sharks

Little Sharks

Introducing "Little Sharks" at Lineage BJJ® - A Thrilling Martial Arts Adventure for Kids Ages 5-7!

Dive into the world of "Little Sharks" at Lineage BJJ®, an extraordinary martial arts program created specifically for children ages 5-7. Featuring "Gracie Games," Judo, and delightful activities, "Little Sharks" delivers an ocean of fun, learning, and growth.

Exciting Lessons, Lasting Skills: In our "Little Sharks" classes, young warriors embark on an unforgettable adventure. Through games and interactive lessons, they learn basic self-defense techniques and essential principles of leverage and control. It's so much fun, they'll be begging for more!

A Fusion of Fun and Growth: Each class includes engaging games and practice of two techniques, building on previous lessons. This continuous learning journey fosters coordination, balance, agility, and personal skills like discipline, focus, and teamwork. It's a transformative experience that shapes well-rounded individuals.

Empowering Confidence: The "Little Sharks" program at Lineage BJJ® is more than just martial arts. It's an empowerment journey, nurturing self-assurance as kids learn to protect themselves. Their confidence blossoms as they achieve new milestones, empowering them in all aspects of life.

Special Trial Package: Don't miss this wave! Sign up for our special trial package at just $199 for the first month and receive a free youth Jiu-Jitsu uniform* (value $75-90). Let your child shine in their very own martial arts attire.

Membership Options: After the trial, choose the membership that fits you best. Opt for a flexible month-to-month plan at $199, a 3-month membership at $189, or an annual agreement at an unbeatable $159 per month. Dive into an ocean of opportunities!

Join Us on this Adventure: It's time for your child to explore, learn, and grow in the vibrant world of "Little Sharks" at Lineage BJJ®. Enroll today and watch them transform in strength, coordination, and character. We're eager to welcome your little one to our family of martial arts enthusiasts.

*Uniform sizes subject to availability.

Take the plunge! "Little Sharks" is waiting to inspire your child with the wonders of martial arts. See you at Lineage BJJ®, where the adventure begins!