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Mat Munchkin's

Mat Munchkin's

Introducing "Mat Munchkins" - The Ultimate Martial Arts Adventure for Ages 3-4 at Lineage BJJ®!

Seeking an extraordinary martial arts experience for your little ones? Discover the magic of our "Mat Munchkins" program at Lineage BJJ®, specially tailored for kids ages 3-4. It's more than a class – it's a thrilling journey into the world of martial arts!

A Unique Adventure: "Mat Munchkins" is a vibrant 30-minute class where self-defense meets fun and play. Through interactive games and lively activities, we transform learning martial arts into an exhilarating adventure. Our expert instructors focus on building coordination, strength, and personal skills, nurturing a passion for martial arts from a tender age.

Skills for Life: Beyond mere techniques, "Mat Munchkins" emphasizes vital life skills. In our dynamic and safe environment, your child will develop discipline, focus, respect, and teamwork. Every step, every move, every smile builds a foundation for a well-rounded individual.

Boosting Confidence: Confidence is the hidden gem of our program. As your child learns to move with grace and protect themselves through playful activities, their self-assurance blossoms. Every milestone achieved is a boost to their self-esteem, empowering them both inside and outside the training area.

Special Offer Alert! Be among the first 10 members to join, and enjoy a special month-to-month membership price of only $129 per month. Want a longer commitment? Our 3-month membership is now just $99 per month. And there's more! A free martial arts uniform (valued at $80) awaits you.

How It Works: After joining, you'll enjoy the convenience of a flexible month-to-month (M2M) plan. Adjust or cancel any time, and continue to explore martial arts at our incredible M2M rate. Looking for an even better deal? Our 3-month membership is unbeatable!

Uniform Included: Kickstart your child's martial arts journey with a free training uniform* (worth $75). It's the perfect way to set them on a path of exploration, learning, and growth.

Don't Wait, Embark on This Adventure Now! This exceptional opportunity to introduce your child to the fascinating world of martial arts is waiting for you at Lineage BJJ®. Enroll today and witness their transformation in strength, coordination, and character. Visit our website or call us now. We're excited to welcome you to our community of martial arts enthusiasts!

*Uniform sizes subject to availability.

Join us at Lineage BJJ® and let's begin this remarkable journey together. The world of "Mat Munchkins" is a place where dreams come alive, friendships bloom, and little warriors are born. See you on the mat!