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Mike Tran

Mike Tran photo Mike Tran
  • Black Belt 3rd Degree

Embrace the Legacy and Mastery of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Professor Mike Tran, PhD at Calvert MMA® and Lineage BJJ®

Step into the captivating world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) with Professor Mike Tran, PhD, a martial arts luminary, celebrated BJJ instructor, and the embodiment of excellence at Calvert MMA® and Lineage BJJ®. Holding a PhD in Microbiology, Mike's brilliance extends beyond the mat into the scientific arena, reflecting his multifaceted mastery and dedication.

With a journey stretching over 27 years, filled with triumphs and tireless devotion, Mike's odyssey has woven through many prestigious schools, including Three Rivers Martial Arts in Kentucky, leading him to various locales like California, Tennessee, Canada, and Colorado. This journey finally culminated in his cherished role at Calvert MMA® and Lineage BJJ®, where he donned his prestigious Black Belt with honor.

What captured young Mike's heart and guided him towards BJJ? It was a profound connection that stirred both his body and spirit. Mesmerized by the Gracies' legendary successes, Mike saw in BJJ an extraordinary fusion of mental finesse and physical mastery. Far more than just a sport, it was an irresistible calling—a path that beckoned him to devote his life to unraveling the intricate beauty of this fulfilling art.

Professor Mike Tran, PhD, is no ordinary instructor; he's a visionary. He has reimagined traditional teaching methods with an "equation and formula" methodology that allows students at Calvert MMA® and Lineage BJJ® to mold BJJ techniques to their unique body types and abilities. It's more than just training; it's an educational odyssey fashioned exclusively for you.

What about the young warriors-in-training? Professor Tran's playful, gamified approach to children's classes infuses joy into learning. Through the gentle integration of structure, he transforms practice into delightful play, laying a robust foundation for their future in martial arts.

Though his days in the competitive ring may have passed, Professor Mike Tran, PhD's fervor for BJJ remains undiminished. His current mission is to foster a nurturing environment at Calvert MMA® and Lineage BJJ® that blossoms on the pillars of support, family values, and authentic camaraderie. With a firm commitment to self-defense and the life-affirming principles of BJJ, he beckons you to embark on a lifelong adventure in martial arts.

Are you prepared for a transformative experience that goes beyond physical enhancement? It's time to join Professor Mike Tran, PhD, at Calvert MMA® and Lineage BJJ®. Train with an unparalleled mentor, revel in the raw, invigorating power of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and become part of something larger—a family bound by passion and excellence. With Professor Tran's wisdom guiding you, the world of BJJ is not just a class; it's a community, a connection, and an unparalleled life-changing experience.