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Hillary Grimm

Hillary Grimm photo Hillary Grimm
  • Blue Belt 3 Stripes

Discover the Thrilling World of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Coach Hillary Grimm at Lineage BJJ®

Hillary started with Lineage BJJ at our Calvert location (Calvert MMA) in 2017 and has been with us at our St. Mary's location since its opening in February of 2020.

Meet Coach Hillary Grimm, a passionate practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), driven by a desire to master self-defense, discover an invigorating form of exercise, and break through her comfort zone. Alongside her supportive husband, Keelen, she has become an integral part of the Lineage BJJ® family.

An extraordinary endurance athlete, Hillary's résumé includes three Ironman triathlons, numerous marathons, half-marathons, 50ks, and she is currently training for ultra-marathons. Her multifaceted sports background brings a distinctive touch to her teachings, adding a unique zest to the Lineage BJJ® training experience.

Join Coach Hillary every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Lineage BJJ®, where she skillfully instructs the Little Sharks and Junior Grapplers classes. Known for her friendly demeanor and warm smile, she's the beacon for newcomers starting their transformative journey in BJJ.

What drives Hillary's dedication to BJJ? It's her passion for real-world self-defense knowledge, the intellectually stimulating physical and mental learning process, and the joy of seeing her students grasp and employ intricate techniques. Above all, it's the community bonds and family-like atmosphere at Lineage BJJ® that truly resonate with her.

Are you prepared to explore a new universe of self-defense, physical prowess, and mental fortitude? Join Coach Hillary Grimm's classes at Lineage BJJ®. Engage in an experience that transcends mere martial arts training; immerse yourself in a nurturing, welcoming community. With Coach Hillary, you're not merely enrolling in a class; you're joining a remarkable family. Experience the thrilling world of BJJ like never before, exclusively at Lineage BJJ®.