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Whitney Fouch

Whitney Fouch  photo Whitney Fouch

Welcoming Whitney Fouch: The New Beacon of Leadership at Lineage BJJ

Lineage Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is thrilled to unveil a significant addition to our leadership team - Whitney Fouch as the newly appointed Program Director. Originating from the heart of Maryland with deep-seated roots in Eastern Kentucky, Whitney embodies a rich tapestry of experiences, bringing forth a fresh and regional perspective to our esteemed academy.

With an impressive tenure spanning over six years in compliance management, Whitney has meticulously refined her expertise, showcasing an exceptional grasp of organizational standards and a vigilant eye for detail. This profound knowledge stands as a cornerstone for Lineage BJJ, reinforcing our commitment to maintaining a safe, professional, and welcoming environment for all members.

Whitney's foray into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2021 ignited a fervent passion for the martial art, marking the beginning of an enduring journey intertwined with personal growth and community engagement. Despite a brief hiatus to celebrate the cherished milestones of family life, her zeal for Jiu-Jitsu remains undiminished. Whitney is poised to reimmerse herself in the discipline, not only to further her own prowess but also to uplift and connect with members, supporting their individual martial arts endeavors.

In her pivotal role as Program Director, Whitney is poised to elevate the Lineage BJJ experience, championing the development of an inclusive and supportive community. She is tasked with overseeing the academy's program development and implementation, ensuring Lineage BJJ remains a vanguard in martial arts training.

The narrative of Whitney Fouch, woven through the realms of compliance management, martial arts, and motherhood, epitomizes the diverse and enriching paths that converge within the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Her journey from an esteemed member to a guiding force within our community underscores a profound dedication and love for the sport.

We extend a warm and enthusiastic welcome to Whitney in her new role as Program Director. The Lineage BJJ family stands united in anticipation of the remarkable contributions and transformative impact Whitney is destined to impart.

Welcome aboard, Whitney! Your journey is a beacon of inspiration, and we eagerly await the new heights Lineage BJJ will reach under your stewardship.