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Shawn Maines

Shawn Maines  photo Shawn Maines
  • Black Belt

Shawn Maines: Jiu Jitsu Maestro, Army Veteran, and Renaissance Man

From the rugged terrains of Portland, Maine to the historical streets of Fredericksburg, VA, Professor Shawn Maines has weaved a tapestry of martial arts excellence that spans decades. But his legacy isn't just confined to the mat. A proud veteran of the United States Army, an accomplished pilot soaring the skies, and a heavy metal guitarist creating electric riffs on the ground, Shawn embodies versatility and passion in everything he touches.

Beginning his combat journey in 1979 with Uhju Kwan Judo Club in Westerly, RI, Shawn's affinity for martial arts was evident early on. His dedication to discipline and excellence, no doubt shaped by his time in the military, has been a hallmark of his martial arts journey.

Fast forward to 2007, and Shawn found himself delving into the intricate world of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the watchful eyes of Jay Jay, a black belt prodigy from the Amal Easton lineage, at the renowned Academy MMA in Portland. His transition from Judo to BJJ was seamless, his prior Judo expertise setting a sturdy foundation.

His competitive spirit shone brightly as he zealously engaged in BJJ tournaments from his white belt days straight through to his purple belt era. Throughout this period, he relished opportunities to cross-train and compete across the nation.

However, every warrior, whether on the battlefield or the mat, understands the need to recalibrate. Upon reaching brown belt status, Shawn briefly decelerated his competitive journey to rehabilitate from injuries. Yet, his passion for teaching continued unabated. Recognized as the top instructor for adult classes at Lineage BJJ®, Shawn's expertise and dedication became a beacon for many.

His promotion to the revered black belt in 2021 ignited a fresh zest in him to not only compete but also to mentor. His recent relocation to Fredericksburg, VA in 2021 marks the beginning of a thrilling chapter. Under the guidance of Professor Jim Thrift, Shawn's journey as a black belt will only ascend.

And now, the martial arts corridors are buzzing with excitement as Shawn inaugurates his own academy, Watershed BJJ, nestled in the heart of beautiful historic Fredericksburg, VA. Here, the essence of Lineage - fostering a culture brimming with positivity and nurturing instruction - will intertwine with the rich history of Fredericksburg, welcoming enthusiasts of all levels.

A special note to our Lineage BJJ® family: Should your travels take you to Fredericksburg, Shawn has an open invitation for you at Watershed BJJ. It's more than just an academy; it's a testament to a legacy.

In Shawn's own words, "BJJ resonates with me cerebrally. It challenges the mind like an intricate chess match. What invigorates me about teaching? Observing students outdo themselves, watching them evolve, and celebrating their personal triumphs."

Shawn Maines isn't just an instructor. He's an inspiration, a maestro, and a testament to the diverse tapestry that is the human experience. His odyssey continues, and it promises to be a riveting one.