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Chad Riley

Chad Riley photo Chad Riley
  • Purple Belt

Meet Coach Chad Riley

Rise and shine or embrace the night (for night shift workers) with Coach Chad Riley at Lineage BJJ® - home of the energizing 6AM Jiu Jitsu classes that unite night owls and early birds. Chad's vibrant approach to teaching invites all, regardless of their schedule, to delve into the thrilling world of Jiu Jitsu.

Chad’s adventure in martial arts began in 2018, training with the esteemed Sas Team in Columbia, SC. A pursuit of excellence led him to the golden shores of San Diego, enhancing his skills with Alliance Jiu Jitsu. With gold medals from the JJWL San Diego Open and Phoenix Open, and bronze from the IBJJF American National Tournament, Chad's relationship with Jiu Jitsu transcends a mere hobby—it's his passion.

After 16 years of honorable service in the Marine Corps, Chad bid farewell in 2022, settling in Southern Maryland and embracing Lineage BJJ® as his new family. His commitment stretches beyond martial arts; Chad's also a devoted husband and father to three wonderful children, balancing family life with the same zest and flair that he exhibits on the mats.

Chad's interests extend into the great outdoors; he's an enthusiastic fisherman and hunter when he's not "chasing kids around." His zeal for life resonates with all, transforming his orbit into an exciting whirlpool of activities.

Join Chad's unforgettable classes at Lineage BJJ®, and explore the captivating world of Jiu Jitsu with a remarkable coach. Whether beginning anew or continuing your martial arts path, Chad's blend of expertise, humor, and warmth ensures that every session is memorable.

Night shift workers and early risers alike, seize the opportunity to grab your Gi and step into a community that extols life, laughter, and martial arts mastery at Lineage BJJ®. Chad's 6AM classes await you. Come for the exceptional training; stay for the unbeatable camaraderie!