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Lamonte Tyler reviewed Lineage BJJ
via Facebook

Very welcoming and family environment. Regardless of your lineage, you are treated with the utmost respect.

Mike Downey reviewed Lineage BJJ
via Facebook

Top notch staff and facility. From day one when my son became a student he was treated as family. Two years later I became a student and feel the same way. The knowledge of the instructor's can not be matched locally. If you are looking to train and learn it the right way this is the place!

Keith Bailey reviewed Lineage BJJ
via Facebook

Great owner and coaches. I didn’t train long and hadn’t been in an even longer time, but when Coach Mike noticed me in the corner he crossed the mat and greeted me with a warm embrace. When Coach Jim came out he gave me an equally warm greeting. I had always felt at home and even after more than a year away I still felt at home. The students welcomed me and I had a couple of nice challenging, but friendly rolls.

I’m looking forward to continuing my learning with great people.

If you want nice no-nonsense BJJ then this is the place. They care about BJJ, they care about the lineage, and they care about the students!

Laura Morgan reviewed Lineage BJJ
via Facebook

Thanks for inspiring my 15 year old son to focus on improving himself physically and mentally. He now spends two hours a day working out instead of playing video games. We’re coming up on his first anniversary in Muay Thai and I’m thrilled with my son’s progress! I highly recommend giving it a try.

Sherry Crowe reviewed Lineage BJJ
via Facebook

My kids enjoy learning AND it is great exercise! The coaches take time to work with them and make sure they learn a lot, have fun and stay safe.

Christopher Daniele reviewed Lineage BJJ
via Facebook

Great family atmosphere. Has a small kid class, a young adults class and adult. And if you have a New Years resolution to get in shape you can alway go there and join Sculpted fitness studios.

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Our latest news & thoughts

Keeping Clean in the time of COVID

There is an overwhelming amount of information circulating about the COVID-19 pandemic in Maryland; what’s allowed, what’s coming, what’s “safe.”

As we all do our best to sort the good advice away from harmful rumors, we’re also looking at the best ways to move forward and continue safely training with one another.

We’re hard at work on a plan, but before we get into what’s coming, we’d like to review the cleaning and etiquette rules we have always respected as law in both of our locations:

Contact sports require good personal hygiene

  1. A clean uniform/clothing/equipment must be worn for each class.
  2. Bodies, to include hands, feet, and hair should be clean for each class.

You can read our full list of rules and etiquette regarding illness, injury, blood borne pathogens, skin infections and rashes here.

There is a some good news: the things we’ve always provided and required collectively take a great deal of the risk out of sharing space with one another. Some of these things include:

  • Clean bodies and uniforms
  • Hand washing and/or sanitizing before and after classes
  • Clean bathroom facilities and high-touch surfaces
  • Body wipes and other cleansing products at hand
  • Responsible first aid

The things that keep you healthy and safe in our spaces are the same steps you should ideally be following everywhere. We’ve always asked people to come to class clean and to responsibly self-monitor for symptoms of illness, and we’ll always continue to do so.

Cleanliness Overkill

Because the bare minimum is never enough in our opinion, we aim for overkill when it comes to cleanliness.

  • There is no academy in Maryland that has spent more money on cleaning equipment than us. Not only were we the first in the industry to use the “iMop,” but we also invest in commercial grade steamers and battery-operated backpack sprayers.
  • We follow strict mat cleaning rules. Not only will our mats continue to be disinfected at the end of every day and spot cleaned as needed, but we’ll also be adding additional cleaning between classes.
  • With concerns about COVID-19 and our members heightened awareness of contagions in the community, we’ll be expanding upon our already-meticulous attention to detail for cleanliness and student safety.
  • Perhaps the most unique safety strategy we have at our disposal is the advice of Professor Mike Tran. Not only is he a Black Belt and phenomenal instructor, but he also holds a PhD in Microbiology, specializing in endotoxins. He is an irreplaceable resource to us, and we implicitly trust his judgement and advice.

What’s Coming?

We’re currently looking into several advanced strategies and procedures to handle check-ins, screening, and cleaning that go above and beyond what will be required for reopening. We’re also going to procure some additional equipment that will keep us safe now and well into the future.

More details are forthcoming; we want to be sure we can make specific promises and sanitization gear is in high demand.

We want our current and future members to know we’ll be reopening in a way that not only “checks the boxes,” but also ensures our members are truly as safe and at ease as possible. With that out of the way, we can come together and train without distraction.

When can we come back?!

Know this: we’re doing absolutely everything we can to get you safely back on the mats. It goes without saying that gross negligence from other members can always result in illness. However, we believe our responsible community combined with our attention to detail, will allow us to handle this challenge.

We understand some people will have still concerns, even with precautions. In light of this, we will continue to allow people to keep memberships on hold until a vaccine is available.

We are looking forward to welcoming you back as soon as we are legally allowed to operate.

We hope to see everyone very soon!


©Kristin Beauchamp June 08, 2020.


UPDATE July 10, 20202:

As of today’s announcement from Gov. Hogan, there is a possibility we maybe able to reopen at 5PM on July 19, 2020 with restrictions and approval with county governments.  We will keep everyone posted.