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Lamonte Tyler reviewed Lineage BJJ
via Facebook

Very welcoming and family environment. Regardless of your lineage, you are treated with the utmost respect.

Mike Downey reviewed Lineage BJJ
via Facebook

Top notch staff and facility. From day one when my son became a student he was treated as family. Two years later I became a student and feel the same way. The knowledge of the instructor's can not be matched locally. If you are looking to train and learn it the right way this is the place!

Keith Bailey reviewed Lineage BJJ
via Facebook

Great owner and coaches. I didn’t train long and hadn’t been in an even longer time, but when Coach Mike noticed me in the corner he crossed the mat and greeted me with a warm embrace. When Coach Jim came out he gave me an equally warm greeting. I had always felt at home and even after more than a year away I still felt at home. The students welcomed me and I had a couple of nice challenging, but friendly rolls.

I’m looking forward to continuing my learning with great people.

If you want nice no-nonsense BJJ then this is the place. They care about BJJ, they care about the lineage, and they care about the students!

Laura Morgan reviewed Lineage BJJ
via Facebook

Thanks for inspiring my 15 year old son to focus on improving himself physically and mentally. He now spends two hours a day working out instead of playing video games. We’re coming up on his first anniversary in Muay Thai and I’m thrilled with my son’s progress! I highly recommend giving it a try.

Sherry Crowe reviewed Lineage BJJ
via Facebook

My kids enjoy learning AND it is great exercise! The coaches take time to work with them and make sure they learn a lot, have fun and stay safe.

Christopher Daniele reviewed Lineage BJJ
via Facebook

Great family atmosphere. Has a small kid class, a young adults class and adult. And if you have a New Years resolution to get in shape you can alway go there and join Sculpted fitness studios.

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Our latest news & thoughts

Four Steps to safety at Lineage BJJ

At Lineage BJJ and Calvert MMA, safety is always our number one priority.

We consider all aspects of safety, and we’re consistently working to create and maintain the greatest training facility in the area.

When building Lineage BJJ, we looked for the absolute best in cleaning equipment, state-of-the-art air filtration, matting, facility planning, and of course, instruction. When we thought we identified the best options, we looked some more – just in case – before making any final decisions.

Now, with completed facilities and successful classes running in Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties, we can confidently say we’ve done everything we can to deliver an unmatched experience to our students.

At the end of the day, we believe that in BJJ, there’s just no room for shortcuts, and we’ll never stop going above and beyond to protect you and your bodies.


Safety in Technique

Lineage BJJ is different from many schools in the area because we offer top-notch instruction in Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

If you’ve yet to take your first class with us, you can expect to learn techniques that leverage natural body movement, and instructors who are pros in breaking down methods in an easy way. Gracie BJJ also prepares our students well for real-world self-defense scenarios, and we make a point to show variations during our lessons that can protect you when you need it most.

All of our black belts and other instructors are on board with this philosophy. We choose people who personify accountability in teaching, responsibility in practice, and encourage an atmosphere of respectful, yet relaxed learning.

Our students and instructors learn a great deal from each other and have a great time doing it, and unlike other martial arts schools, we get it done without being reckless.


Premium Matting System

When we were designing Lineage BJJ, we studied many mat systems before making an extremely educated choice.

The importance of a quality mat system cannot be understated in a BJJ training facility. Not only do they have the job of protecting our students’ bodies throughout hours of practice and countless repetitions, but they also need to last for years, be easy to sanitize and, of course, feel fantastic.

We decided on two layers of the safest mats on the planet. The mats are constructed from two-inches of closed foam and topped it with a half-inch of Ensolite. The two inches of closed foam gives the mats necessary firmness and distributes weight well in a fall. The Ensolite, which feels like a running shoe insert, is designed to protect a body from a heavy impact. Together, these two materials work to protect our students from injury.

We topped our mat system with a seamless, waterproof tarp, which prevents injuries to toes and fingers, and creates a surface we can easily clean.


State of the Art Cleaning Equipment & Procedures

In addition to cleaning our high-touch surfaces and restrooms throughout the day, we also give our students their own spray bottles, filled with hand sanitizer, that they are asked to use before stepping out onto the mats (and we offer free refills).

We encourage our members to use our online app for class check-in, so we can keep tabs on class number caps and also avoid the need to share a touch-screen for registration.



When it comes to keeping the mats clean, we utilize several methods

Our all-natural electrostatic sprayer disperses an all-natural, thyme-oil based product that is not only effective but also keeps harsh cleaning solutions off of your skin. It has strong antimicrobial properties and it cleans better than anything we’ve found thus far.

Between and after classes, our staff also uses a high-end battery-powered vacuum to scrub and squeegee the floor, and then we spot clean during class as needed.

Emist Backpack Sprayer


Twice the Air Purification

Finally, as we were building Lineage BJJ in the time of COVID-19, we went the extra mile on air filtration by doubling up.

One system we have in place is called the SecureAire purifying system, which is the most advanced air filtration and purification system available on the market, as it eliminates viruses, bacteria, gasses, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, odors, and other fumes.

Our other system, the REME HALO Air purification system, ionizes air as it exits the ducts, which kills unwanted viruses and bacteria on contact.

While our two state-of-the-art air filtration systems produce similar results, we take a lot of comfort in knowing the air in the gym is as clean as the air you breathe outdoors.


Come visit the best martial arts training facility in the state, and see what we have to offer.

We’ve spared no expense when it comes to keeping our employees, students, and guests safe. We hope to see you for your first class soon and please get in touch if you have any questions about our methods, systems, or rules in place.

Cordless Backpack Vacuums


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